Kathe Poteet grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area, first living on Alcatraz Island where her father was the chief finance officer. When he retired, the family moved to Marin County, living in San Rafael. She attended Terra Linda High School where she met her future husband.

   Having always collected rocks, bugs, toads and small fish from a nearby creek and surrounding hills, Kathe developed a love for science. She earned a B. A. in Biology from California State University, San Francisco, then a teaching credential. Kathe has had a great time teaching science at all grade levels, and working with teachers as the K-12 Science Coordinator for a large school district, 

​   The fun though, is helping children discover how things work. Trying to answer that inevitable question…"why?", but also hoping to create more questions that need to be answered. This is what led to creating the "Color Me Science" series of coloring and activity books.

   Eventually, she might get around to writing about growing up on Alcatraz.

The Illustrator

The Author

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   Jennifer is an illustrator with a passion for all things furry, funny, little, large, and lively. Her work has been used in educational illustration, small business advertising, logo design, decorative illustration, private commissions and gallery work.

   When she is not tucked away in her studio creating illustrations, you will find her teaching drawing to her elementary students in their after school program or at the zoo refining her specialty in animal life drawing.

   Jennifer received an MFA in Traditional Illustration from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, along with a BFA from The University of Illinois in Champaign-Urbana. Currently, she lives in the Bay Area with her supportive husband and a rescued Border Collie named Mattie.

For more information about Jennifer's work check out her online portfolio at Jenkellerart.com